New Movers

New Movers

Connect with people that just experienced a new move to your local area using our New Movers list. New movers haven't formed their local habits yet. This is your chance to win them over and become their go-to spot for everything from coffee to car washes, household furnishings to insurance, your offerings can be their first choice.

New movers often seek local services and vendors they aren't familiar with. Capitalize on this opportunity by building a mailing list or a telemarketing list from our New Movers. Target potential clients, including homebuyers, apartment renters, ethnicity, estimated credit scores, language, ethnicity, religion, out of state new movers.

Email Lists

  • we offer highly accurate, updated email lists that can be targeted based on the specific geographic, demographic, and psychographic filters you need.
  • If you're looking for a cost-efficient way to advertise your offer and increase response rates, email marketing is an great tool to use. Email marketing provides an ROI greater than 70-to-1 and averages an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. In addition to boosting your ROI, email marketing lets you to measure campaign results in real time.

Mailing Lists

  • connect with targeted prospects for your mailing campaigns by choosing from our diverse selection of demographics, psychographics, and more. filter based on specific geography requirements as well!

Telemarketing Lists

  • Do you need better telemarketing lists to meet your sales or marketing goals? Ally Data Group enables you to find the most accurate business and consumer phone numbers available.

Highly Deliverable Contact Information

Access accurate new movers names and addresses through our trusted coding and address evaluation processes. Our new movers database is updated monthly and verified for accuracy.

Our normal contact ratio is about 92% on our lists. 

What makes us different is we offer a 1 for 1 replacement on all of our Data.

Key Features:

  • Targeted Lists: Our database is sourced from multiple channels, including Ally Data Group's Change of Address data, recorded deed information, financial services, utility data, and more.
  • Our new mover homeowner lists come with contact information, demographics, and more. For more information on our new mover homeowner lists contact us.
  • updated monthly and verified for accuracy.
  • 1 for 1 replacement on bad data- including YOUR existing clients!

Tailor Your Selections:

  • Demographics: Customize your list based on age and income to match product and service needs.
  • Radius Marketing: Geographically segment your list based on reference points and desired exploration distance.
  • County or Zip Codes Only: segment your list based on certain counties, or zip codes or choose to find new movers within a radius of your office location.

Discover the right opportunities at the right time with our New Mover List today!

A Few Of Our Clients

Why New Movers Lists Matter

Moving to a new home marks a significant transition for individuals and families alike. For businesses, it presents a prime opportunity to reach out with tailored services and offers. Capturing the attention of new movers can greatly impact your marketing success.

Harnessing Timely Insights

In the realm of marketing to new movers, timing is key. Ally Data Group equips you with timely insights into new mover data, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. Our data solutions provide real-time updates, enabling you to strategize and customize your marketing efforts based on the moving timelines of individuals and families.

List Quality Assurance

The success of a marketing campaign hinges on various factors. For marketing to new movers, ensuring accurate and active data is paramount. At Ally Data Group, we meticulously assess over 30 elements to validate, clean, and refine our new movers lists. This meticulous process ensures the highest quality data, maximizing your campaign's effectiveness and reach.


  • Geography
  • Marital Status
  • Ethnicity, Age or Gender
  • # in Household
  • Presence of Children
  • Income
  • Home Value
  • Home Sale Date
  • Length of Residence
  • Single/Multi Family
  • Lifestyle Select
  • Pet Owners
  • Donors
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • PLUS – Many More!
Leads list

DATABASE SOURCE: Title Data, Public Records, Online Responders, Modeled Information.

Higher Conversion Rates:
+ -

Higher Conversion Rates: Cold calling lists can result in higher conversion rates when compared to some other forms of lead generation. This is often because you're reaching out to potential customers who may not have found your business otherwise and are generally not shopping around for the best price.

Targeted Prospecting
+ -

Targeted Prospecting: When your cold calling list is well-segmented and targeted, it can yield excellent results. Targeting the right audience means you're more likely to connect with interested prospects.

+ -

Cost-Effective: Cold calling can be a cost-effective method for reaching potential customers. When compared to some digital advertising or marketing methods, the cost per lead can be relatively low.

Competitive Advantage
+ -

Competitive Advantage: If your competitors rely heavily on digital marketing and neglect cold calling, it can give you a competitive advantage in reaching prospects who might be less saturated with sales messages resulting in that customer staying with you for a longer period of time once sold.

Free Consultation w/ Industry Experts

At Ally Data Group, our aim is to exceed your expectations, driven by the success stories of our customers. Reach out today to our team for any inquiries and guidance on achieving the best campaign results, with a focus on marketing toward new home owners with our new movers leads.

Delivering Excellence

Ally Data Group stands firmly behind the quality of our marketing lists, products, and services. We compile, update, and verify prospect lists through the most reputable sources, ensuring the highest delivery and connection rates possible.

Unleash the Growth of Your Business with Our New Movers Leads List

Meet Carlos, one of our clients - a forward-thinking insurance entrepreneur with a passion for connecting with new prospects. He had a vision to expand his business by tapping into the market of individuals who were in the process of moving to new homes. However, finding accurate and targeted leads for this niche proved to be a challenge.

Then Carlos discovered Ally Data Group and our New Movers Leads List—a game-changer for his business. Disheartened by previous attempts with generic lead sources, Carlos found a wealth of opportunity with our specialized New Movers Leads List. Suddenly, he wasn't just reaching out blindly; he was connecting with individuals who were undergoing a significant life change.

Carlos's experience is a testament to the power of our New Movers Leads List. Many of our clients, like Carlos, have encountered similar hurdles before unlocking the potential of our targeted data solutions. We recognize the importance of reaching the right audience at the right time, especially in the competitive insurance industry. Our list isn't just about the data; it's about fostering connections, understanding life transitions, and initiating meaningful conversations that resonate with new movers.

Unlock the Potential of New Movers with Ally Data Group

Ally Data Group seamlessly integrates premium data with cutting-edge technology to deliver the finest New Movers lists available. Yet, what truly distinguishes us is our unwavering dedication to our clients and unparalleled service.

Our expert team collaborates closely with you to pinpoint your ideal audience, leveraging an array of demographic and firmographic data points. This personalized approach ensures that your marketing endeavors are finely tuned for optimal impact.

Elevate Your Marketing with New Movers Lists

Bid farewell to generic outreach and welcome highly targeted marketing campaigns. Whether you're an industry professional or marketing enthusiast, Ally Data Group's New Movers lists equip you with the competitive edge necessary to thrive in the dynamic market.

Ready to Transform Your Marketing?

Don't let the opportunity slip by to connect with new movers at the momentous juncture of their relocation. Invest in Ally Data Group's New Movers lists today and witness the transformative power of precision targeting in your marketing strategies. Purchase a list now and witness the remarkable difference our data can make in your campaigns, propelling your business to new heights!

Unveiling the Advantage of New Movers Lists with Ally Data Group

Ally Data Group emerges as your trusted ally in the competitive realm of marketing to new movers. Our unwavering commitment to precision, timeliness, and customization distinguishes us from the rest. By harnessing the power of New Movers Lists through our data solutions, you gain a strategic advantage in targeting relocating individuals and households with pinpoint accuracy.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategies for New Movers

Ready to elevate your marketing strategies for new movers with the potency of New Movers Lists? Ally Data Group equips you with the essential tools and insights necessary to navigate this landscape with finesse. Connect with us today to discover how our data solutions can revolutionize your approach to marketing to new movers and propel your success in this dynamic industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New Movers List provided by Ally Data Group?
+ -

The New Movers List offered by Ally Data Group is a comprehensive database containing information on individuals or households who have recently moved to a new residence. This list helps businesses target prospects who are undergoing significant life transitions and may have new needs or preferences.

How is the New Movers List compiled?
+ -

Our New Movers List is compiled using a combination of reputable sources, including public records, utility connections, and change of address data. We employ advanced data aggregation and verification techniques to ensure accuracy and reliability.

What types of information are included in the New Movers List?
+ -

The New Movers List includes various demographic and contact information, such as names, addresses, move-in dates, and sometimes additional details like household size or income level, depending on the available data sources.

How frequently is the New Movers List updated?
+ -

We update the New Movers List on a regular basis to ensure that our clients have access to the most current and accurate information. Updates are made periodically to reflect changes in residency and new mover data.

How can businesses use the New Movers List for marketing purposes?
+ -

The New Movers List can be utilized by businesses in various industries for targeted marketing campaigns. By identifying individuals or households who have recently moved, businesses can tailor their marketing efforts to offer relevant products or services, such as home improvement, furniture, utilities, insurance, and more.

Can I customize the New Movers List based on specific criteria?
+ -

Yes, Ally Data Group offers customization options for the New Movers List to meet your specific marketing needs. You can refine the list based on factors such as geographical location, move-in date range, household income, and other demographic characteristics.

Is the New Movers List compliant with data protection regulations?
+ -

Yes, Ally Data Group is committed to compliance with all relevant data protection regulations. We take strict measures to safeguard the privacy and security of the data included in the New Movers List.

How can I access the New Movers List?
+ -

To access the New Movers List or inquire about pricing and customization options, please contact our sales team at our contact page. Our representatives will be happy to assist you with your inquiries and provide you with further information.

Can I request a sample of the New Movers List before making a purchase?
+ -

Yes, we offer sample data for evaluation purposes upon request. Please reach out to our sales team to request a sample of the New Movers List, and we will provide you with a sample dataset to help you assess its quality and suitability for your marketing needs.

What kind of support does Ally Data Group offer for clients using the New Movers List?
+ -

At Ally Data Group, we are committed to providing excellent customer support to our clients. Our team of experts is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the New Movers List or any other products and services we offer. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.


If you're looking for a cost-efficient way to advertise your offer and increase response rates, email marketing is an excellent tool to use. According to the DMA, email marketing provides an ROI greater than 70-to-1 and averages an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. In addition to boosting your ROI, email marketing will allow you to measure campaign results in real time.


There are many key elements that will determine the successful outcome of a marketing campaign. When it comes to email marketing, a well-designed HTML creative and a low SPAM score are highly important. In addition, the email addresses you send your message to must also be valid and active. Ally Data Group utilizes and looks at over 30 elements involved in validating, cleaning, and testing our email lists so that we can guarantee the highest inbox delivery rate possible.


Regular email deployments offer an excellent, efficient, and cost-effective way to capture and maintain the attention of your customer base. But what happens when you want to send an email campaign to an untapped audience? Standard platforms make it impossible to do so. Thankfully, Ally Data Group can handle all the deployment solutions you need, whether you’re conducting a nurture campaign to existing clients or you’re reaching out to brand new prospects.


Through our relationships with hundreds of partners and affiliates, we bring in millions of new emails each month. These originate from online quotes, order forms, purchases, lead generation, sweepstakes, and more. With over 400 demographic and psychographic traits, we can filter our database to give you the perfect prospect each time, with the assurance that the email is valid and the individual resides at that address.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our New Movers Lists

What are the best channels to use for the New Movers Lists?
+ -

There are several channels you can reach your prospects, we advise using more than one way to reach them. Some of those ways include direct mail, email marketing, retargeting on platforms such as facebook (Meta), Google, Roku, Hulu, & Telemarketing.

Are design services included in your new mover list program?
+ -

No, Ally Data Group is a marketing technology company that specializes in delivering custom direct marketing data.

How long does it take to receive my new mover leads list?
+ -

Once the order is confirmed, it takes 2-3 business days to receive the order, unless noted as a rushed order.

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